RedTitan EscapeE
Composite fields

This section describes how to build composite fields for particular functions. The first four topics detail how to set up composite fields using EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE dialogs. These are followed by topics which document the syntax used in composite fields (see also Composite fields syntax summary in the Reference section).

How to build a composite field, with example: see Defining a composite field
See More on defining composite fields to set up composite fields using the Field dialog's Composite field wizard.
Embedding fields in composed strings and pre-defined 'symbols': see Special fields in composed strings
Use of arithmetic when assigning field-values: see Composite field expressions
About field attributes bottom, height, left, length, right, top, width, x and y; extracting sub-strings from fields: see Partial fields
Using := to set up numeric and string field-values: see Defining field values
Using + prefix to set up Counters: see Numerical conditions
Using + prefix to define values dependent on whether a string is found or not: see String conditions
Using = prefix and += prefix to define page-dependent field values: see Page conditions
Eliciting data from the User: see User input data fields