When EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is used to Export data fields to XML, you may opt to output the stylesheets which organize the data as well.

In the Export dialog (Ctrl E, Format XML data fields), tick Create XSL, CSS and HTM files option. Three extra files are generated: for example, if the stem of the output filename is OUTPUT, then:
oOUTPUT.XSL is an XSL stylesheet defining the fields;
oOUTPUT.CSS is a cascading stylesheet defining the positions of the fields on the page, based on the top-left corner of the area being searched for the original field;
oOUTPUT.HTM is an HTML file which ties these files together with the XML file and uses a navigation-bar supplied by EENAVBAR.HTM. Both of these HTML files are independent of the data and are copied from EEDATA.HTM and EENAVBAR.HTM in the RedTitan Software folder if they do not exist already.