RedTitan EscapeE
Save and copy

In addition to viewing and transforming files, EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE can generate new ancillary files, see topics below, and create composite documents using its Copy & Add selection to IDF feature, see IDF documents section.

How to create a fresh PCL file using parts of an original file: see Saving pages to a PCL file.
How to change the layout of a page: see Rearranging page contents.
How to save an image found on the page; how to copy all or part of the text on a page to clipboard: see Copying page contents.
Specifying measurements for extracted text copied to clipboard: see Extracted text options.
How to save macros and create new macros, to use macros from the command line: see Saving macros.
How to generate XSL, CSS and HTM style sheets for XML data: see Creating XML stylesheets.