To export files to DICOM format

1.Choose Export... from the 'File' menu or
press Ctrl E keys.
2.Set up the Page number range of the pages you want to export, see Selecting page ranges.
3.To avoid a new file overwriting an existing file with the same name, tick Do not overwrite files: see Overwriting files.
4.Choose DICOM images as the 'Format'.
A File name and path are supplied.
oA \ terminates the filename if 'Build a DICOM directory' option has been selected.
oIf 'Build a DICOM directory' option has not been selected, the file name will be given extension .DCM.
You may use the Browse button to set up a new path.

To make 'DICOM images' format the default, click Save format.

5.Click DICOM options... to set up DICOM-specific configuration options: see DICOM export options.
6.Tick the Force monochrome check-box if required, see also Image import/export options.
7.Tick Run the associated program after creating the file if you would like EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to open the file immediately using your preferred program: see Associated programs. The default associated program is EscapeE.
8.Click OK.

Blue diamond bullet Notes

A DCM 'image' file not only contains an image but also data pertaining to the image, see DICOM Element Tags.

Sets of DICOM files are commonly shipped together in a self-contained 'directory': see DICOM export options.