When exporting pages from a file, you must specify which pages are to be output. In the 'Page number range' panel of the Export dialog:

To print the page on current view, select This page.
To print all pages in the file, select Whole file.
To print a particular range of pages, deselect 'This page' and 'Whole file' and enter the Start page number (the number of the page on view is already entered) and End page number.
oIf you leave 'Start' empty the program prints from the start of the file
oIf you leave 'End' empty it prints to the end of the file.

EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE may be configured to add page numbers to the exported pages (see Creating page numbers). The number of the first page to be exported will then be shown in Page 1 number box: edit this number as required.