Editing data fields and tags

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To redefine field or tag coordinates

You may alter the coordinates of the corners of the fields and tags using the mouse:

1.Place the mouse pointer over the corner to be redefined; it will change to a double-headed arrow.
2.Hold the left mouse button down and drag the sizing-handle to the new coordinate; release the button.

See also Viewing data fields and tags.

To edit field and tag properties

1.Right-click on a field on the page and select Edit Field...
Select Edit... from the 'Fields' menu
Press ctrl + d keys.
2.The 'Field Definitions' dialogue is displayed. You can rename a field, set advanced options (see Setting advanced options in field definitions) and tag options (see Setting search tag options). To delete a field, click the Delete button at the foot of the dialogue.
3.To edit the coordinates of the top-left corner of the field, its width or height, click in the appropriate edit box and enter the new values. Double-click an edit box to select and redefine that value for all selected fields.
4.Click OK.


When you are editing fields in the 'Field Definitions' dialogue, clicking the Refresh button will re-evaluate the fields and update the page view without closing the dialogue.
To show all fields and tags, tick the Show fields box on the 'Field Definitions' dialogue. To show only the fields and tags that have been found on the current page, tick If found instead.
Click the 'back' and 'forward' buttons at the foot of the dialogue to show the previous page and next page of the document.

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