RedTitan EscapeE
Extract data

This section describes how to extract and manipulate data from documents and data-streams.

Notes on using The Field dialog
How to set up data fields and tags, adding tagged text and tips on viewing: see Defining fields and tags
How to select, enable/disable and delete existing fields and tags; using the Field Definitions dialog to change the location and content of data fields and tags: see Editing fields and tags
How to move and resize existing data fields and tags using the mouse and keyboard: see Moving and sizing fields and tags
How to set up text or graphics search tags, search criteria and field-end options: see Setting search tag options
Specifying when and how a field may be used, forcing 'front' and 'back' pages, overlays, trays and resetting the sheet count; new files, log-files, fields-files and sets: see Setting field actions
How to include field names in file or page names, specify when a field may be used, printer options and fixed-pitch export options: see Setting advanced options in field definitions
Defining a hierarchy of fields and tags so that some are dependent on the processing of others; combining fields: see Fields list/tree
About ".EE" files; setting up and changing EE files: see Field definitions files
How to make field values persistent, select an EE file for reuse and set up a banner page; the specialist PJL field prefix feature: see Setting fields file options
Troubleshooting common data extraction problems – tags not found, inappropriate symbol sets, unexpected box characters: see Field problems
How to make buttons and boxes on PDF forms: see Special fields for PDF export
Using command-line options to set up Author, Title, Subject and Keywords for a PDF document: see PDF document summary
How to create and edit a TOC for a PDF document: see PDF Table Of Contents
Defining the screen view of PDF documents using the command-line: see PDF Viewer preferences
Setting up DICOM field names for exporting data to DICOM Element Tags
How to include information on the presentation of the data output to XML, e.g. fonts, images and style-sheets: see Outputting to XML
About types of field for export to AFP, PDF and XML: see Field TYPE attribute.
About EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE plugins for document editing: see Using plugins
How to attach a plugin to a field: see Calling plugins
Editing plugin configuration: see Reconfiguring plugins
Using AddText plugin to add or delete text: see AddText plugin
About MoveText, AddImage, AddFile, Blankout, BarCodes, BC39Reader, QRCodeReader, DMatrix, Tesseract, Rocr, OCRust, Evaluate and Script plugins: see Other plugins