Exporting files to FDL forms

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To export files to FDL forms

1.Choose Export... from the 'File' menu.
2.Select the page range you want to export.
3.Select Discard file list if you want same-named files to be overwritten - see File List.
4.Choose FDL forms as the 'Format'.
5.A filename (with extension .FDL) and folder are supplied. To create a different filename or extension, type in the new name. To select a different folder to store the file, use the Browse button.
6.Click FDL options... to set options for FDL export.
7.Tick the Force monochrome checkbox if required.
8.Click OK to export the pages.


When generating FDL forms it may be necessary to save fonts and images. A folder is created to contain any download fonts saved during FDL form generation (usually \RedTitan\FONTS\PCLDLOAD). For fonts a name is made based on the font name, point size etc, and a check is made to see if it is the same as a previously encountered font to avoid duplicates. Because some drivers only download the characters they need, the downloaded characters may be merged into an existing font if it has the same characteristics and shares some characters with the new font and there are no discrepancies. Images are given names based on hashing the image data and stored in the IMAGES subdirectory of the library root directory (usually \RedTitan\FONTS\IMAGES). Each image is only saved once, so before saving the image a check is also made to see if it exists already. To save fonts and images in specific library paths see Changing font and image libraries.

To avoid problems when you are reusing the form, you can set EscapeE to recalculate the characteristics of download fonts. See Setting general export options.

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