There are some specialist options which you may configure for text extracted and copied to clipboard.

1.Select Configuration... from the Options menu or
Press F8.
2.The Configuration dialog appears with the General page displayed: click Text options....
3.In the 'Text extraction' section, you may choose to:
oDefine the inter-line spacing to be used when outputting the extracted text.
Enter a number in the Line height box: units are set up on the 'Viewing' page – see Configuring the view. If the box is left blank then the vertical spacing is taken from the font of the text found in the original document.
oDefine the minimum vertical difference between the baselines of two words for them to be deemed on different lines.
Enter a value in the Minimum line height box.
oDefine the top of the character cell as the vertical reference point rather than the baseline.
Tick Align using top of cell. This may be advisable when the baseline reference changes mid-string, e.g. for superscript characters.
oDefine the minimum horizontal distance between two characters for it to be deemed a word break.
Enter a value in the Minimum space width box. If the gap is more than this value then one or more spaces will be inserted in the extracted text. The default size is 33% of the 'Space width'.
oTo ignore downloaded space character's width and use the cell width instead, tick Space width = cell width.
oTo ignore downloaded character widths and use widths calculated to fit the raster instead, select Calculate character widths.
4.Click OK.