Click the question to show/hide the answerAccented characters do not view correctly

EscapeE defaults to 10U "symbol set" if the print files does not specify an alternative. Try changing the Configuration|Printer settings.
e.g. If your printer defaults to Spanish – replace 10U with 19U.
You can find Help with symbol sets on

Click the question to show/hide the answerWhen I open a PCL file the fonts do not display correctly.

When a font is not downloaded as part of the file, EscapeE will attempt to match the requested fonts to those in its 'resident' font library (called RESIDENT.FIF). If there is no exact match with any of the library fonts then the nearest one is chosen, which may result in a some variation in the appearance of the text. EscapeE uses the standard Windows® fonts Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Century Gothic, Symbol and Wingdings. EscapeE is also supplied with equivalents to Letter Gothic, Univers, Courier and LinePrinter fonts (versions 8.15+).

EscapeE will use both bitmapped and TrueType® scalable fonts included in the file. Contact us at for help on special font requirements or configuration information.

Click the question to show/hide the answerWhen I extract text it is unreadable.

Some printer drivers assign non-standard code to the characters in their download fonts.  Try using a different driver if possible or contact RedTitan® for advice. The default configuration is 'Windows Driver' but you can also try 'Other' which applies no code conversion at all.
A workaround is to use only the printer's resident fonts in your document, since the driver is compelled to use standard codes in this case. Some drivers allow you to tell them which fonts are resident so you could try that.

Click the question to show/hide the answerCan EscapeE convert special logo fonts?

EscapeE can automatically decode downloaded bitmapped logos if they occur in the datastream and render them correctly. It is also possible to install logos or other special fonts as 'resident' fonts to cater for printers which have font cartridges or a hard disk containing custom fonts. If you have scalable logos they can also be used but will need to be installed as TrueType® fonts: contact RedTitan® for help.

Click the question to show/hide the answerMy text contains a form drawn using the PC box-drawing characters; will these characters appear in any fields I extract?

EscapeE uses its own PC box drawing font and such characters are not included in any data extraction process though they will produce the correct effect in any generated images.

Click the question to show/hide the answerMy output needs to be fixed pitch text similar to the output of scanners and OCR systems.

Problems arise for text in proportional fonts or in differing sizes. The Advanced tab of the Fields dialog allows you to specify a notional column width and to request left or right alignment of fields. If you want the whole of the text formatted in a fixed format then simply choose Left Align.

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Click the question to show/hide the answerIs it possible to manipulate the fonts (especially soft fonts)?

The EscapeE demonstration system does support the viewing of bitmapped soft fonts embedded in PCL® files. However in order to edit the characters or convert the fonts to other formats you might need to purchase the RedTitan® font editor which has unrivalled capability to manipulate bitmap fonts: it can handle 30 different printer formats and perform transformations such as emboldening, slanting, outlining etc.

Click the question to show/hide the answerI have soft font files created for us by HP: could I load these into EscapeE?

For bitmapped fonts you can simply install them using the Install Soft Fonts option on the File menu. For Intellifont format you would need to convert them to TrueType® format. Contact RedTitan® for help.