RedTitan EscapeE

In reality, a lot of documents contain imperfect code. A document which has been rendered well on one printer may cause problems on another printer. EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is able to read a number of formats (see About EscapeE) and is powerful enough to recognize aspects of the document likely to cause difficulties.

When this happens, EscapeE displays a warning triangle on its menu-bar and logs the error in the Error messages page of the Console notebook.

To show a list of specific types of error, click Problems from the Help menu or
click the warning triangle:
oA tick indicates the error found: click to view the appropriate topic in this Help section.
oClick Clear the errors to remove ticks and messages from the Log.

These topics relate to the specific problems listed:

A plugin has been configured for a field but it is not enabled for use: see Plugins are disabled
The page may contain marks in the unprintable area: see Printing beyond page bounds
Fonts not downloaded: see Missing fonts
Unknown, unsupported Ignored fonts or images
Font just doesn't look right: see Poor text appearance
Faulty or Unsupported download font format
Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language printer-driver problems: see HP-GL
Dealing with printer-specific HP PJL commands: see Printer Job Language
Handling Kyocera Prescribe commands.
Document specifies the use of an Unsupported printer language
Incorrect command line: see PDF output file not created
Obsolete or undocumented PCL commands; PCL commands with no useful effect: see Unknown/Ignored command

You can access these topics by selecting the Problems item on the Help menu; see also Field problems, Ignored fonts, images, shading, Handling fonts

If you have tried these suggestions but still cannot resolve the problem, you can send us an example file: see Problem reporting.
See also Frequently Asked Questions for technical tips.