RedTitan EscapeE
Font set-up

This section covers font issues from installation, configuration and substitution to technical details of PCL syntax and font attributes.

How to install soft fonts and font packs and download fonts; how to add/remove fonts from the library: see Installing fonts.
How to install Windows OpenType fonts (.OTF and .TTF files) and change typeface: see Installing TrueType and OpenType fonts.
How to change the Resident font library folder, Macro library folder and FDL library: see Changing font and image libraries.
How to change the default font: see Configuring the default font.
Setting up the source symbol set and how to output in a different symbol set: see About symbol sets.
About character codes and using EEfonts to set up a database of characters for exporting to plain text: see Character codes.
How to assign character codes to unrecognized or wrongly coded selected characters: see Assigning character codes.
How to view the attributes, identification numbers and substitutes for fonts: see Font tables.
About 'font selection sequences' used to specify fonts for a printer: see PCL font selection sequences.
About the use of typeface, weight, style and size characteristics of a document's fonts as search-tags for data-fields; see Using font attributes as tags.
Description of how fonts may be substituted: see Substitute fonts.
Setting up a Font Substitute file.
Selecting Substitute fonts.
Syntax of a font substitute file.
Wildcards in font substitution.