TrueType fonts will be installed under Windows only when needed. The font files must therefore be available for future use and must not be deleted.

There are two methods of installing TrueType fonts:

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textFrom Windows
Installs any of the available Windows TrueType fonts under EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE.
1.Select Install TrueType Fonts...  From Windows from the 'Fonts' menu.
2.Select a font family from the list of names.
3.Select a font-style from the style-list.
4.Select/enter a point-size for the font: you will see a sample of text in the chosen font in the panel below. Note that the selected point size merely affects the size of the sample – the font will be scalable to any size.
5.If you would like to see a different text-sample of the font, choose one from the drop-down list of font samples.
6.If you would like to see a sample of a different font, select a different family, style and/or size.
7.When you have the font you want selected, click Add.
8.If there is no default typeface (in the PCLT table) in the TrueType file, the typeface dialog will be displayed; enter the typeface number then click OK.
9.Repeat steps 2 – 8 for each font you would like to add.
10.Click Finished.
The Resident font details are displayed for you to see.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textFrom File
Installs TrueType fonts from a TrueType file that is not already installed as a Windows font.
1.Select Install Soft Fonts... from the 'File' menu
Install TrueType Fonts  From File... from the 'Fonts' menu.
2.Click Browse to locate the folder where the fonts are stored. A table of 'Likely font files' ( extension .TTF or .OTF) is shown.
3.Click to select a font or sweep out to select a range of fonts or use Select All from the right-click pop-up menu.
4.To view the font characteristics, select a font and click Details from the menu bar.
5.Click Add.
6.Click Remove to remove fonts from the list (but not to delete the files).

Changing the typeface

In order to match the typeface that was requested in the PCL file, any TrueType fonts that you install must be assigned an appropriate typeface. You may change the typeface for any resident fonts by displaying the resident fonts, selecting them then:

right clicking and choosing Change typeface from the pop-up menu: see Font tables.