Choose HTML5 UberEd format as the 'Output' format from the Options|Configuration dialog (f8) then click the Options... button on the 'General' page, or
Choose HTML5 UberEd format from the File|Export dialog (Ctrl E) – see HTML5 UberEd format exportthen click Options...
Click OK to accept the 'Options' page configuration.
EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE resumes displaying the 'General' page or
the Export dialog.

To set options for HTML5 UberEd export

1.Set up the fields in 'Field definitions' panel:
oUse existing fields  Tick to extract items based on the existing fields and their Type e.g. 'Text aligned right'.
oDelete existing fields  Click to remove all existing field definitions (e.g. when enabling EscapeE to define the fields automatically). Confirmation is required before this action is carried out.
oDefine fields automatically  Tick to create new fields encompassing the items found on the current page. These field 'Types' may be recognized and set up automatically:
'Text aligned right',
'Text justified'
'Text centered'
If the Type of a field area is unspecified, anything in the area will be rendered as a 'Graphic' for export.
oUse same fields on each page  Tick this if the document contains many similar pages which need to be treated alike.
The default is for this option to be deselected, so any fields generated automatically are defined for the current page only.
oShow Fields form  When this option is ticked The Field dialog is opened to show the definitions of the fields created on each page. This enables you to edit any definitions before the page is output.
Click OK to step to the next page's field definitions. When the fields for the last page are displayed, clicking OK closes the Field dialog.
2.In the 'Options' panel:
oShow lines Tick to include fields for representing any lines or drawn paths on the page.
oShow graphics Tick to include fields for representing any graphics on the page.
oUse same options for each page Tick this if the document contains many similar pages which need to be treated alike: this dialog will not be shown for subsequent pages.
3.Set up distances, measured in 1/600 inch units, in the 'Alignment and spacing' panel:
oX difference to be vertically aligned
Lines which end within this distance may be treated as 'Text aligned right'. It is the maximum difference between x coordinates for two lines, e.g. 3.
oFlowed text
Line breaks will not be preserved.
4.Click OK to complete the export or
click Cancel to abort the export and return to the document on display in the EscapeE window.

Blue diamond bullet Note

Any JPEG-compressed images will be saved as JPEGs on export to HTML5. See also JPEG compression options.