To display the 'Field' dialog:

Select Edit... from the Fields menu or
Hold down Ctrl and press the D key.

The Field dialog is used to set up fields and tags for the data. It consists of a Control panel, the Fields list/tree window and seven tabbed pages.

Tabbed pages

Scroll tabs < arrow button glyphScroll tabs > arrow button glyph Click the tab left/right buttons at the top of the window to scroll the tabs to the left or right.


Defining fields and tags


Setting search tag options


Setting field actions


Setting advanced options in field definitions


Setting fields file options


Special fields for PDF export


Outputting to XML

Control panel

The panel below the tabbed pages contains several controls beside the standard OK, Cancel and Help buttons. These enable you to control the view of the document in the main window, without closing the Field dialog.

Backwards arrow (<) glyphForwards arrow (>) glyph

Click the back/forward buttons to show the previous/next page of the document.

Scroll-page arrows glyph

Click the left, up, down or right buttons in the arrow set to scroll the page.

tree view box 'ticked' glyph Tree

Click to switch between 'list' and 'tree' views: see Fields list/tree.


When you have edited fields, click to re-evaluate the fields and update the document.


To remove the selected field from the document.