Click More... on the PostScript options page of the Configurations dialog (f8): see PostScript export options.
Click Apply to return to the PostScript options page of the Configuration dialog.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textJog offsetting and stapling

Print runs of large documents are often broken down into 'sets'.

Define a field with the Action 'start a new set' (see Setting field actions) to break the document into sets.

Sets may be 'jog offset', i.e. sets of pages are stacked alternately a finger-width to the left or right in a printer's output bin. This makes it easier to pick up each set separately from a bin.

To engage jog offset action, select Jog offsetting.

Some printers can also staple a set of pages together.

To engage stapling, just select Stapling.
The Staple command and Staple details edit boxes are normally left blank, but custom settings (typically printer-specific) may be entered by specialists.
Click to expand/collapse this hidden textInclude PJL comments

PJL Comments found in a document which is to be output in PostScript format may be included in either one of two forms:

XML, e.g.
% <RT A='COMMENT &34;HEADER PCL&34;' B='COMMENT &34;Driver version 02.03&34;'/>


Plain text, e.g.
% COMMENT "HEADER PCL" % COMMENT "Driver version : 02.03"

See also Preamble and PJL options, command line option /COMMENTS and specialist feature Setting the fields file options.