The PJL page of the Console notebook show Printer Job Language Comments from the document. For example:

COMMENT Output written by RTPCLOUT version 7.85 at byte 140

COMMENT Creator: EscapeE PCL Converter version 10.15 at byte 199

These are normally the strings copied from Comments in the original PCL document's Preamble. Specialists may, however, construct Comments based on data-values found in the file's fields: see Setting the fields file options.

1.Click the Information (i) button glyphConsole notebook button on the Tool-bar or
select Document properties... from the 'View' menu.
2.The Console notebook is displayed: select the PJL tab.

You may configure EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to propagate PJL Comments through to a document on export to PCL, PostScript, PDF and PDF/A formats.

Tip:  You may remove unwanted PJL from the output by ticking Do not use PJL commands: see Preamble and PJL options.