The PJL page of the Console notebook show Printer Job Language Comments from the document. For example:

COMMENT Output written by RTPCLOUT version 7.85 at byte 140

COMMENT Creator: EscapeE PCL Converter version 10.15 at byte 199

These are normally the strings copied from Comments in the original PCL document's Preamble. Specialists may, however, construct Comments based on data-values found in the file's fields: see Setting the fields file options.

1.Click the Information (i) button glyphConsole notebook button on the Tool bar or
select Document properties... from the 'View' menu.
2.The Console notebook is displayed: select the PJL tab.

You may configure EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to propagate PJL Comments through to a document on export to PCL, PostScript, PDF and PDF/A formats.

Tip:  You may remove unwanted PJL from the output by ticking Do not use PJL commands: see Preamble and PJL options.