EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE defines these symbols to contain summary information from the input PDF file:

_DocAuthor  the name of the document's author.

_DocKeywords  the document's keywords.

_DocSubject  the document's subject.

_DocTitle  the document's title.

_DocProducer  the program that output the document.

_DocCreator  the program that created the original document.

_DocCreationDate  the creation date of document.

_DocUpdateDate  the last update date of document.

These command-line options may be used to construct PDF document summaries:

/PDF-A  the author of the document.

/PDF-K  the list of keywords associated with the document.

/PDF-S  the subject of the document.

/TITLE  or, for backward compatibility, /PDF-T  the title for the document.

The parameters following these commands are terminated by a space, so when a parameter itself contains spaces it is necessary to enclose the parameter within quote characters.

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ESCAPEE c:\nsci\paper1.pcl /PDF/PDF-A 'I. Newton'

ESCAPEE c:\nsci\paper1.pcl /PDF/PDF-K 'force motion mass velocity'

ESCAPEE c:\nsci\paper1.pcl /PDF/PDF-S 'An exact quantitative description of the motions of bodies'

ESCAPEE c:\nsci\paper1.pcl /PDF/PDF-T "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica"

In the absence of any such options then, if there is a field with the appropriate name, it is used for that item. For example a field called TITLE could be used to extract the first line of the document and use it as the title. Any such field will only be used at the start of each PDF, so must either be a literal field or occur on the first page of the input file (or of the section if multiple PDFs are created).