To scroll through the document

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There are several ways of scrolling through the document:

With the mouse:

Click to move to the first page in the job.

Click to move to the previous page.

Click to move to the next page.

Click to move to the last page in the job:

Click in the scroll bar to jump straight to the next part of the page or click the scroll buttons to step through the page incrementally.

On the keyboard:

If you use the PageDown key on your keyboard, EscapeE brings the next piece of text into view. Thus, if you are viewing a whole page, it will show the next page, but, if you are viewing only part of a page, it will show the rest of the page until it reaches the bottom of the page. After this it will go on to the top of the next page. This is useful if you are using 'View Page Width' scale.

If you use the Arrow keys on your keyboard, EscapeE scrolls the page incrementally.

Keying ctrl+n displays the next page; keying ctrl+b displays the previous page.

From the 'View' menu:

Select Next Page to display the following page.

Select Previous Page to display the preceding page.

There are buttons on the 'Field definitions' dialogue also:.
Click the right arrow to display the following page.
Click the left arrow to display the previous page.
These serve to page through the document without losing focus on the field definitions.

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