To search for text

1.Click the Find Search binoculars glyph button on the Tool bar or
choose Find Text... from the 'Edit' menu or
choose Find Text... from the right-click pop-up menu or
use Ctrl F.
2.The 'Find text' dialog opens: type the text to be searched for into the Text to find edit-box.
Tip: if you have searched for the same string before in the current session, you will see it listed in the drop-down box: clicking on it enters the string into the edit-box.
3.Select Match case if you wish the search to match the case of the text exactly as you have typed it in. For example, if you type Bank and select 'Match case', the search will not find bank or BANK.
4.Select Match whole words only if you wish to ensure that sections of words are not found. For example, if you type the and leave this unselected, the search will locate weather as well as the.
5.You may opt to search among specific data fields only: select
oSearch defined fields only or
oSearch selected fields only
(See Defining fields and tags.)
6.You may choose to restrict the search to just part of the job: select
oSearch single page only  i.e. the page currently on view or
oStop at page number and enter the number of the page at which the search task terminates.
7.Click First to find the first instance of the text.
(The EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE text search is fast – the number of the page being searched changes so quickly that the current page number shown on the dialog may only be updated in increments of 50 pages!)
oIf the text is found, EscapeE displays the page containing the string with a red box marking its first character and closes the dialog.
To find the next instance of the text:
press key F3 or
select Find next from the right-click pop-up menu or
re-open the 'Find text' dialog and click Next.
When no more instances of the text can be found, the window re-displays the last found instance and "String not found" appears briefly in the status bar.
oIf the whole task is searched but the text cannot be found, the window displays the first page of the document and "String not found" appears briefly in the status bar.

Pages "found" are listed in the drop-down box for the duration of the session so that you can return to them quickly. You may also annotate them as bookmarks which may be saved for the next session: see Using bookmarks.