Setting advanced options in TIFF images

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To set advanced options TIFF images

'Advanced' (e.g. fax compatible) options for TIFF images may be set up in the Configuration... dialogue.

1.Either click Advanced... button in the format section of the 'General' page.
or click TIFF options button on the 'Images' page.
2.Select the orientation:
either as Portrait or Landscape
or rotated through 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees anti-clockwise.
3.Select a compression format.
4.Choose fax options as required:
Bit reversed the data bits are sent least significant bit first.
EOLs 'End Of Line' markers are added at the start of each line.
Byte-aligned any partial bytes at the end of a line are filled with zeros.
5.Choose Single strip if you wish to output the image as a contiguous chunk of data.
6.Click Apply to accept the changes and return to the Configuration | General page.

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