When you export an image, you can choose whether or not to compress it (see Image import/export options). EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is able to use many compression methods and there are often several methods available from the drop-down list in the Configuration dialog (F8) that are appropriate to your chosen export format.

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When exporting JPEG images, the compression method set up here is irrelevant. JPEG files use their own compression method, specially designed for photographs. EscapeE can apply this to images within PDF files too: see JPEG compression options.

Compression methods

CCITT group 3

A simple 1-dimensional (horizontal) compression for black and white images.

CCITT group 3 fax

For faxing. See also TIFF export options.

CCITT group 4

A 2-dimensional scheme which usually gives more compact files than CCITT3. For black and white images.

DocuPrint CCITT Group 4

Encoded as a single monolithic piece of data as required for Xerox DocuPrint.


For color images.


For a quicker compression which is not as compact as LZW or CCITT4.


Compression option for DICOM image files.


For compressing AFP color output.


To let EscapeE select the most suitable compression method for the image.


To turn off compression.