Setting options for PDF export

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Options are set up on the 'Advanced' page of the Configuration dialogue for that format:
either choose PDF document from the Options|Configuration|General dialogue (f8) then click the Advanced... button,
or click PDF options... from the File|Export dialogue (ctrl + E), see Exporting files to  PDF.

To set options for PDF export

1.Tick Use data compression to compress output files, or clear the box to export files uncompressed. See also Image options for PDF export.
Select combine text strings together to store text as longer phrases to improve searching.
Select render as graphic or render all but text as graphic, see note below.
Select include TrueType fonts to include any TrueType font, downloaded in the original PCL file, in the exported PDF file. Using TrueType (i.e. scalable outline) fonts usually results in better appearance than bitmapped fonts, but may have adverse effects on the file size if only a few characters from a font are used. If this box is not checked then by default such fonts are converted to bitmap fonts.
The omit blank pages option may be ticked as required, for example when exporting a document which is to be viewed on screen (not printed) from a duplex original.
2.To reduce the size of the exported PDF file, you may specify when to substitute fonts in the original document with Standard Adobe fonts. If you choose to replace bitmap fonts, TrueType fonts or always, ensure that such fonts in the document are using the Windows character set, otherwise characters may be wrongly attributed. The if substitute font given option will only omit the download font if it is recognized as having a known substitute, so is more reliable: see also Substitute fonts.
3.To restrict the capabilities for general users select one of the 'Do not allow' options: Printing, Changing the document, Adding or changing notes or form fields, Selecting text and graphics.
4.Set the resolution for line drawing and images and for text positioning: 300dpi or 600dpi.
5.To generate PDFs with restricted access, type in the password the user will use to Open the document. Another password should be entered to enable administrators to change Security options.
Warning: curly brackets, { and }, will be interpreted as introducing a field name (see Composed strings), so to incorporate these characters in the password you must substitute the two character sequences _{ and _} respectively.
Select save encrypted password in the PDF to allow the  password to be recovered by RedTitan if it is lost.
6.Select 40-bit or 128-bit encryption (40-bit is quite strong enough for general use).
7.Dependent on the way opaque and transparent elements have been layered in a document (e.g. shading), it may be advisable to select graphic elements first or keep original element order; see Notes below.
8.To make a table of contents clear the Do not make a Table of Contents checkbox and click the Contents... button: see The PDF table of contents.
9.Click the Advanced... button to set further PDF options; see Image options for PDF export.
10.Click Apply.

In addition, when you have finished setting up the options, you may also choose to create a Shortcut icon that uses all the options you have set by clicking Shortcut... (see Shortcuts - the easy way to construct a command line) or click the Save button to retain these settings after you close the program.


A PDF file may be rendered as a graphic only or as a graphic with text. The 'graphic only' option will produce an accurate image from the file, including an image of the text, but cannot be used for extracting text for further processing. Exporting the file as 'graphic with text' retains the text features (e.g. search) and consumes less memory, but note that EscapeE will always place text and drawn lines on top of any opaque elements, e.g. shading. You may override this feature by selecting the 'Keep original element order' option. Double-byte fonts, e.g. currency symbols, Chinese characters, are rendered as graphics, as are box-drawing characters.

Text phrases can be stored as longer phrases to improve searching. As this entails deciding whether individually positioned words form part of a continuous string the results may sometimes be unsatisfactory.

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