Setting options for Plain Text

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Options are set up on the 'Advanced' page of the Configuration dialogue for that format:
either choose Plain text from the Options|Configuration|General dialogue (f8) then click the Advanced... button,
or click Options... from the File|Export dialogue (ctrl + E), see Exporting files to Plain Text.

To set options for plain text export/extraction

1.When exporting into fixed pitch text: to fill the text with spaces, set up the options in the 'Space Fill for Text Export' section:
oLeft align or Right align
oSpace width:  type in the width (in the current units) of the column to be filled.
2.When extracting text, the options are:
oTo define the minimum vertical difference between the baselines of two words for them to be deemed on different lines, enter a value in the Minimum line height box.
oTo define the minimum horizontal distance between two characters for it to be deemed a word break, enter a value in the Minimum space width box. If the gap is more than this value then one or more spaces will be inserted in the extracted text. The default size is 33% of the 'Space width'.
oTo ignore downloaded space character's width and use the cell width instead, tick Space width = cell width.
oTo ignore downloaded character widths and use widths calculated to fit the raster instead, select Calculate character widths.
3.Ensure a suitable symbol set is chosen to output the text; choose from Windows (19U), 16-bit Unicode, UTF8 Unicode, or Unchanged (i.e. same as input file). See also About Symbol sets.
4.To use the character recognition database to convert the text back to a readable form from files where arbitrary character encodings have been used, select assign character codes using the TTLIB database - see EEfonts.

In addition, when you have finished setting up the options, you may also choose to create a Shortcut icon that uses all the options you have set by clicking Shortcut... (see Shortcuts - the easy way to construct a command line) or click the Save button to retain these settings after you close the program.

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