In Tree mode, the wizard displays the document's code schematically. For a new document the window defaults to showing an empty page within the IDF document:

Editing an element

1.Display the Properties editor by:
oClicking on an element – it will expand/collapse to show/hide any elements contained within it. Or
oRight-click on an element and choose Properties... from the pop-up menu.
2.Set up the attributes and values for the element.
For example, clicking "PAGE" in the schema selects it:
Click to view PAGE properties
and displays the Properties editor for the PAGE element – see example in Properties editor.
3.When you've finished editing the file, you may click Save to update the existing file with the edits or
click Save as and create a new file containing the edits while leaving the existing file unchanged since it was last saved.

Tip:  if you intend to store all of the files cited in the IDF in the same folder as the IDF file, tick Relative paths.


Text mode wizard

Properties editor