To build a new document

1.Click New... and select IDF Document wizard from the 'File' menu. Or
Press Ctrl Z keys.
2.Choose Other then click OK.
This opens the schematic editor (see Tree mode wizard) and writes the IDF code necessary to construct a default document containing one blank page.
oTo add to the code that EscapeE has created, select Text mode. The window switches to listing the IDF code to construct a default new document.
Enter the code for your document between the <IDF> and </IDF> tags: see IDF syntax for descriptions of IDF elements and attributes.
3.To apply a digital signature to the document, tick the Sign check-box.
You will be prompted to select a Container and enter a Description on saving the document.
4.Click Save and set up an appropriate File name, folder and type in the standard 'Save as' dialog.

Default new document

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>


Tree mode wizard

IDF elements

IDF attributes

Sample IDF scripts