Viewing document information

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Further information concerning the document is available by clicking the Information button on the toolbar. This displays a tabbed notebook of four pages:


Shows the type of document - PCL, PDF etc. - and the file's size and update date. For some formats such as PDF or TIFF it will give details such as document creator (if present). It also includes the count of graphics, text items and drawn paths on the current page.


Specialists may like to view the PCL source. The PCL source files are usually many pages long, so various options are provided so that only the information relevant to the task are shown.

Choose how much of the file you would like to be on show:
This page shows the current page only.
Up to here shows all the pages up to and including the current page.
Whole file shows all the pages in the file.
Check the information to be displayed from the Options:
Omit graphics and character downloads: the default, or
Omit text and binary data: to show just the commands, or
Show all, including binary: to show everything, including binary data such as graphics in hex.
Check Show command usage statistics as well to append a summary showing the number of times a command is used.


This page documents any errors, font problems and warnings e.g. items occurring in unprintable areas.


This page maintains a record of items such as fields found, print runs, graphic details. See Log window for a description of the editing features.

Tip: The 'Information' notebook may be re-sized by dragging the window border(s).

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