RedTitan EscapeE

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This section describes in detail what you see in the EscapeE window, and how to change it.

The EscapeE shortcut icon and how to open EscapeE: see Running EscapeE.
Details on the types of files which can be viewed with EscapeE, and the auto-recognition feature: see Opening a file.
How to rotate the page on view: see Rotating the page.
Choosing how much of the page to show in the window: see Choosing the view of the page.
Zooming in and out and setting a precise scale of view: see Changing the scale of view.
How to enable/disable the display of tool hints: see Viewing 'Hints'.
How to find and show data fields and tags in the document: see Viewing data fields and tags.
How to display font tables and error messages, and view the properties of the fonts, text, graphics and lines: see Viewing font information.
How to view the page details; lines, graphics, unprintable area, mouse coordinates and macros: see Viewing page information.
How to display document details; the PCL source text, commands, graphics and character downloads; error messages, problem warnings and log: see Viewing document information.
How to work the log window: see Log window.
How to customize the opening view and zoom options, shift the page contents, show or hide the unprintable area, change the units of measurement and suppress blank pages: see Configuring the view.