Clicking the 'tesseract' Configure button on the Action page of the Fields dialog (see To attach a plugin to a field) displays the 'Tesseract OCR Plugin configuration' dialog:

1.The Lang option is reserved; EscapeE version 9 currently only supports English. Two further options are available which you may select if appropriate:
oDebug – This option may be used to check recognition and alignment issues. The region selected for optical character recognition will be saved as a 24-bit BMP file – note that this is a large file.
oRemove blank lines – Tesseract will try to retain simple formatting, and if vertical spacing is large in comparison to the font height, extra line breaks may be inserted. Selecting this option suppresses empty lines.
2.Click OK to close the 'Tesseract OCR Plugin configuration' dialog.
3.Click OK to close the 'Field' dialog.
oIf you have selected the Debug option, you will be prompted for the full path of a location for its BMP file, e.g. c:\MyFiles\TextImages.
An advisory dialog will report the name and path of the BMP file for inspection; click OK.

To reconfigure a field that has been configured previously:

1.Right-click the field.
2.Select Configure field... from the pop-up menu.
3.Continue as above.