Adobe Registered Trade Mark of Adobe Systems Inc.

AFP 'Advanced Function Printing' data-stream format from IBM.

BMP Microsoft Windows bitmap files.

dynamic refers to data supplied by a field, i.e. whose value may change. Pages are often composed of a 'static' overlay plus some 'dynamic' data which may be different for every page.

EscapeE The RedTitan PCL, PDF, PS and AFP conversion resources program which hosts Plugins. Download demo from

escape sequence A command embedded in text that starts with an Esc character. It is normally terminated by an upper-case character, for example, Esc E resets a PCL printer.

IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

JAVASCRIPT is a registered trademark of ORACLE AMERICA, INC.

Microsoft and MS are Registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation.

MODI The 'Microsoft Office Document Imaging' optical character recognition routine.

overlay This contains the "fixed" elements of a page. It places the same 'static' content on every sheet – like pre-printed stationery. Dynamic data (i.e. variable values supplied by fields) may be added to complete the page.

PCL 'Printer Control Language' from Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.; the default extension for Plugins output.

PCX Fax image file format.

PDF 'Portable Document Format' from Adobe.

PS 'PostScript' printer language from Adobe.

QRCODE is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

RedTitan Trademark of RedTitan Technology Ltd: see

RIF 'RedTitan Image Format'.

RS/2 'RedTitan Script Two' – part of the EscapeE Software Development kit – is the scripting language used by EVALUATE plugin.

text origin The start of the baseline of the first character in a piece of text.

sub-set If a document contains 'sub-set' fonts, it will include only the characters actually used to create the document in its resources. Other characters that are normally included (i.e. in a full character set) will not be available to the document.

Tesseract An 'open source' optical character recognition routine.

TIFF 'Tagged Image File Format'.

VBscript Trademark of Microsoft.

Windows Trademark of the Microsoft operating system.