There are two ways of selecting an image to be placed by addimage: Direct and Dynamic. Display the addimage plugin dialog (see To attach a plugin to a field) then choose:

Click to expand/collapse textDirect

Select the Direct tab of the Configure dialog, then

Browse to folder containing the image file and select the file. The image will be shown in the panel alongside; the width and height of the image will be detailed in the panel below.

See Image placement to specify the image's position on the page.

Click to expand/collapse textDynamic

Select the Dynamic tab of the Configure dialog. Set up a template for selecting a file using the value of the field that called addimage:

Enter a prefix, typically the path of the data-file. This may be left blank if a prefix is not required.
Enter a suffix, typically the file-extension. Default value .BMP.

AddImage constructs a new image file-name by concatenating the prefix, the text extracted from the data-field and the suffix. This allows a different image to be placed when the data changes. For example:


Data field value





places image from file c:\catalog\ant137.jpg.

See Image placement to specify the image's position on the page.

Note that the minimum resolution of graphics to be placed by addimage is 25dpi: graphics with resolutions lower than this are ignored.