Using RedTitan Color Management System

To use RTcms, first configure the 'RGB Profile' and 'CMYK Profile'.

With the Images page of the EscapeE Configuration dialog (F8) on view, click ICC configure... button: see Image import/export options.
Click to expnad/collapse hidden textConfigure RTcms

Three properties must be defined for each profile:

1.Enter the location of your ICC profiles, e.g.
Browse to the location then click Open.
2.Choose a profile type from the drop down list, e.g. "Simple conversion".
3.Choose a rendering intent from the drop down list, e.g. "Perceptual".
Click OK.

Your system is now set up for transforming from RGB and CMYK color spaces into a CIE standard colorimetric space, ready for export. Some profiles also set up the reverse transform for import; if not, RTcms displays a warning message.

Engage RTcms by ticking Use ICC profiles checkbox (EscapeE Configuration dialog, Images page).

This section contains topics on:

ICC profiles
Rendering intent