This attribute supplies an external filename and format for an element, e.g. FILE or TEXT. If it is placed in the IDF element it is in effect the 'global default' for the document: any element calling on this file need only specify which PAGE is to be used.

If the path of the named file is the same as the IDF file, it may be omitted e.g. ("relative" path)


Otherwise use the full path e.g. ("absolute" path)


If the format is not obvious from the file extension (such as ESCP, JPG, TIF, DCM, BMP, DCX, PCX, PNG, RTF, IDF, IMG), EscapeE can also identify and process PDF, PostScript, PCL XL, DICOM, JPEG and Epson (Esc-P) files automatically, even when a non-specific extension such as PRN is used.

Alternatively, the format may be specified in the FILETYPE attribute.

IDF element sample script

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