To edit an existing Mail merge IDF file in EscapeE:

Open the IDF file and select Edit control file from the 'Edit' menu.
You will be prompted to edit using the wizard: choose
oYes to reopen the Mail merge wizard – see below, or
oNo. The 'Source' page of the Console notebook will be displayed and may be edited there like any other IDF source code.

Editing in Mail-merge wizard

1.To edit the fields giving the position on the page, click Edit fields.... The file containing the letter/text for the page is opened in another EscapeE window.
Edit its fields as appropriate then close the window to return to the wizard.
oClick Reload: the wizard updates its field definitions.
2.To edit the file containing the letter/text for the page, click Edit letter.... A rich-text editor such as WordPad® is displayed.
Open the appropriate letter file, then edit, save and close it as usual to return to the wizard.
3.Similarly, to create a new letter/text for a page, click New letter... to open the rich-text editor.
Set up a new filename for the letter file, then edit, save, and close it, returning to the wizard.
4.To remove a page from the letter, select its tab and click Delete page.


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