1.Click New... and select IDF Document wizard from the 'File' menu. Or
Press Ctrl Z keys.
2.Choose Mail merge then click OK.
3.Enter or Browse to select, the CSV file containing the data to be used.
The fieldnames found in this file are listed in 'Select the data for this field' list box, in the order in which they occur in the CSV.
oTo list fieldnames in alphabetical order instead, tick Sort.
oDefault PREFIX for fieldnames is set to CSV_.
4.Enter the Paper type for the letter.
5.The tabbed notebook initially shows 'Page 1': enter, or Browse... to select, the Name of the file containing the letter or text for this page.
This supplies the fieldnames to the 'Field giving the position on the page' drop-down box.
oIf the file contains more than one page, enter the number of the page containing the required text in the Page edit box.
oClick Advanced... to configure further options: see Mail merge options.
6.Select a Field giving the position on the page from the drop-down list of field names found in the letter file, e.g. TOWN.
oSpecify the origin of the field:
Choose one of these horizontal positions from the drop-down list: Left, Centre, Right.
Choose one of these vertical positions from the drop-down list: Top, Centre, Bottom, Baseline.
oSelect the name of the data-field to provide the data-value for the selected field position from the Select the data for the field box.
This enters the data field names from the CSV file into the Text edit-box. Data field names are shown in upper case with a prefix, enclosed by braces, e.g. {CSV_ADDRESS3}. Additional text may now be typed into the Text edit-box (the character indicates a place where the Text editor has wrapped the text to fit the window.)

Repeat this step for each field on the page.

7.Click Font... to open the standard 'Font' dialog and set up the font to be used for the text added to the page. In addition, these parameters may be set up directly in the Mail merge dialog:
oThe font's family and style, e.g. Arial,Bold.
oThe font's Point size, e.g. 8.4.
oThe Vertical spacing of the lines of text in Points.
8.If another page is required for the letter, select the New page tab then repeat steps above. See also Editing a Mail-merge file.
9.Click OK.
The IDF wizard opens showing the mail-merged letter's parameters ready set up.
10.Click Save to display the standard 'Save' dialog. Name the file then click the Save button.
The IDF file is created and displayed in EscapeE.


Mail merge options

Editing a Mail merge file