Examples using plugins

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MoveText plugin

This plugin edits the attributes of existing text - its position, font or colour.
For example, to change the word 'Overdue' into red: Define a tag (search string) by right-clicking on the word 'Overdue' and selecting New tag.... In the Advanced section choose the MoveText plugin from the list: see Setting advanced options in field definitions.

OCR plugin

Requires Microsoft Office to be installed

The OCR plugin can make use of the Microsoft Optical Character Recognition feature to convert images of text into real characters that can be used to supply data to EscapeE. Sweep out the part of the  page containing the image of the text and select New field... to define a field as usual then select OCR plugin from the list on the Advanced page: the plugin will extract the text and export it as the field's value.
For example, a field named OCRfield could be used in a composite field whose value was {OCRfield}. This field could have a tag so that its action and sub-fields would be be conditional on the OCRfield having a particular value.

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