Plugins give EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE the ability to modify the appearance of documents in a controlled way: see Plugins Help for full details.

To use a plugin you must have purchased the feature and installed the appropriate permission code: contact

Click to expand/collapse hidden textConfiguring a plugin to act on a field
1.Open the document and set up a field for the plugin to act on, see Defining field and tags.
2.Select Edit... from the 'Fields' menu (Ctrl D) and click on the field in the Fields list/tree.
Right-click on the field and select Edit field...
3.Click the Action tab; select the plugin from the Call plugin drop-down list (see Setting field actions).
4.Click Configure to display the chosen EscapeE dialog. See specific topics for details:
5.Click OK to close the Fields dialog.
EscapeE enables the plugin: the Enable plugin check-box on the 'Layout' page of the Configuration dialog is ticked and the 'Plugins enabled'Plugins 'engaged' button glyph button shown on the Tool bar.

Once a field has been configured, you may re-open and edit the plugin's Configuration dialog:

Select Configure field from the right-click pop-up menu or
with the Fields dialog open, right-click the field in Tree and select Configure field... from the pop-up menu.

To enable/disable plugins:

Tick/clear the Enable plugin check-box on the 'Layout' page of the Configuration dialog or
Click the Plugins button on the Tool bar: Plugins 'engaged' button glyph indicates 'enabled' and Plugins 'disengaged' button glyph 'disabled'.
Select Enable field or Disable field from the right-click pop-up menu.


If a plugin attempts to modify a PDF document that is marked as not editable then the corresponding field is disabled and a warning given.