When you have marked up data fields on the pages, you can export the data fields into a CSV file or into an XML file which may be imported into a database or fed to the RedTitan DDF 'printer' iconDynamic Document Formatter. You may also opt to export the fields as Plain text. In addition, you may export the fields as a LOG file when exporting a document, see Log file export.

When outputting XML, you can opt to create XSL and CSS stylesheets too: see Creating XML stylesheets.

When exporting a document to PCL, PDF, PDF/A or PostScript formats you may also choose whether to include PJL comments or not. These may be comments present in the original file or those created by EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE using its 'Prefix' mechanism: see Setting the fields file options.

To select fields for export

1.Select Edit... from the 'Fields' menu, or
hold down Ctrl and press D key.
2.In Fields list view, hold down Ctrl and click the field name or
In Tree view, right-click a field name then choose Select for export. This will select any sub-fields too.
Repeat this step to select all the fields you wish to export.
3.Click OK to close the 'Fields' dialog.

Tip:  To deselect a field for export right click and choose Unselect for export.