Instead of exporting a document and its data separately, you may generate a log of a document's fields when exporting the document. The options for exporting a log are set up on the 'Log file' page of the 'Configuration' dialog, see Setting Log file options. Some of these settings, however, are reflected in the 'Export' dialog and you may reset them there:

1.Display the Export dialog and set up the details for document export as usual – see Exporting files manually.
2.In the 'Fields to be logged' panel, choose:
oAll defined fields, or
oSelected fields only. To edit your selection:
Click the "..." select fields button button to open the Field dialog, right click on a field name in the list and choose Select for export. (If you need to cancel a selection, right-click and choose Unselect for export.)
Repeat for all the fields you wish to export.
Click OK to return to the 'Export' window.
3.Choose a 'Log format' (see also Setting Log file options):
oComma Separated or
oPlain text or
oXML. You may opt to create an XML stylesheet by ticking:
Create XSL, CSS and HTM files.
4.Tick to add these options as required:
oSheet Numbers see Setting Log file options.
oPage Numbers see Creating page numbers.
oBates Numbers to the document's pages and the log file. See About page numbering.
oFilenames includes the file-names of the data-files used in the document, see Setting Log file options.
oMessage if one has been set up, see Setting Log file options.

To switch off log file export:

In the 'Fields to be logged panel' of the Export dialog (see above), select None.