Exporting files to IMG in Barr format

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To export files to Xerox IMG images in Barr format

1.Choose Export... from the 'File' menu.
2.Select the page range you want to export.
3.Select Discard file list if you want same-named files to be overwritten - see File List.
4.Choose Xerox IMG (Barr) as the 'Format'.
5.A filename (with extension .MET) and folder are supplied. To create a different filename or extension, type in the new name or use wildcards. To select a different folder to store the file, use the Browse button.
6.To set advanced options, click Xerox options....
7.Configure the input trays to correspond to the PCL input tray numbers, e.g:
Tray 1   MAIN
Tray 2   AUX
The entry for tray 0 applies in the case where no PCL tray has been selected.
To set up a field definition to force a particular type of page to feed from the desired tray, see Setting advanced options in field definitions.
8.Click the Images tab of the Configuration dialogue to set options for image import/export.
9.Tick the Force monochrome checkbox if required. See also Setting options for image import/export.
10.Enter the accounting department in the Dept box.
11.If you have defined data fields on the pages, EscapeE will automatically create a .LOG file in CSV format. Select the options for Log file export.
12.Click OK to export the pages.


IMG export produces a datastream in Variable blocked format for feeding directly to a channel-attached Xerox centralized DJDE/Metacode printer. This Xerox IMG (Barr) format is used where the printer has a Barr spooler interface attached. These formats enable documents from standard word processing software to be output as a PCL file and then converted by EscapeE for printing identically on a Metacode printer. Both formats make use of PP.JSL supplied.

Input trays can be configured to correspond to the PCL input tray numbers. It is then possible to set up a field definition which forces a particular type of page to feed from the desired tray.

The "Dept" option allows you to specify the accounting department to use. Contact RedTitan if you require more help with using this option.

Creating an image does not allow you to edit the file or use the text search facility. Use the FDL export if you wish to create an editable version.

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