Exporting files to image formats

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To export files to image formats such as PNG, BMP

1.Choose Export... from the 'File' menu.
2.Select the page range you want to export.
3.Select Discard file list if you want same-named files to be overwritten - see File List.
4.Choose the appropriate image format, e.g. PNG images.
5.A filename (with an appropriate extension, e.g. .PNG) and folder are supplied. To create a different filename or extension, type in the new name or use wildcards. To select a different folder to store the file, use the Browse button.
6.Click Image options... to set more options for import/export.
7.If you have defined data fields on the pages, EscapeE will automatically create a .LOG file in CSV format. Select the options for Log file export.
8.Click OK to export the pages.

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