Click the question to show/hide the answerCan I process just selected pages?


For one-off conversions the 'File | Export' menu has the option to process specified pages.

For batch conversions you can use the command line options:
to process page n
/PAGE n-m
to process pages n to m inclusive
/PAGE 2-
to process from page 2 onwards.

Click the question to show/hide the answerCan I look for and open files up in a specified mapped network drive?

Yes. EscapeE normally looks for files in the directory that the software is installed on, but you can change this in various ways, depending on how you are running the program.

If you are calling EscapeE from the command line with an explicit filename then you can specify the full path e.g:

If you want to set up a watch for files appearing in a particular directory then you can configure its input file specification via the 'Options | Configuration' dialog, e.g. to look for .PCL files in directory C:MYFILES use:
or you can give this on the calling line, e.g.:

Click the question to show/hide the answerIs EscapeE available as a dll or ocx that can be used by custom software?

EscapeE is written in Delphi but no DLL or OCX is available as yet. However it can be given a command line which allows virtually all the features to be exploited. It is possible to save a configuration and invoke it later using the syntax ESCAPEE ^^configname.

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Click the question to show/hide the answerCan I get a customized version of EscapeE, e.g. without the splash screen or with special options?

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