Click the question to show/hide the answerCan bitmaps, etc. be added to the file opened in your program, and if so, is it a fairly easy process to place them on the page?

The PCL® image and font mechanisms are fully supported, so files containing images are not a problem. In addition there are 'Plugins' which allow text, logos, images, barcodes and even whole pages to be added at specified points to all or just some selected pages.

Click the question to show/hide the answerWhy did EscapeE only remove some of the pictures from the page when I ticked 'Ignore Images' box?

The 'ignore images' feature removes bitmapped images only, however some documents draw images using polylines and Beziers (vector graphics) which will not be affected by this option. You should find that if you right-click on such a graphic and select 'graphic details' it doesn’t say "300 dpi graphic, size ..." but "$path...".