Normally, EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is configured to 'Auto format detection'. It recognizes the input file format based on the file extension being one of the following: AFP, BMP, DCM, DCX, DDF, EPS, ESCP, GIF, IDF, IMG, JPG, JPEG, PCC, PCL, PCL6, PCX, PDF, PNG, PPI, PPO, PRE, PS, RS2, RTF, TIF, TIFF, XL, XML, ZJS.
However, if the extension is not recognized then auto-recognition is attempted, based on the first few bytes. These formats are recognized in this way: AFP, BMP, DICOM, HP-GL, PDF, PostScript, Printrex, TIFF, Epson (EscP), RS/2, Zenographics©, PCL XL (PCL6), and DCX/PCX.

If the format is still not recognized as one of these, it is assumed to be PCL5.

When you know that the file to be viewed is in one of the standard formats but its extension or opening bytes are non-standard, you may configure EscapeE to treat an input file as a specific format.

Blue diamond bullet Tip:  you may open a file from the command line using /INPUT.