The EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE feature enables it to open files in many standard formats automatically, see File format recognition. If you have a specialist file with, for example, an unusual extension, you may open it in EscapeE by configuring a specific format:

1.Choose Configuration from the 'Options' menu, or
press function key F8 to display the 'General' page of the Configuration dialog.
2.Select a 'Format' from the Input drop-down list:
oAuto format detection (the default: see File format recognition).
oAFP — IBM Advanced Function Printing format
oBMP — Bitmap
oCANONCanon BubbleJet & CAPSL
oDDF — RedTitan Dynamic Document Formatter language
oDICOM — DICOM medical image
oESCP — Epson printer language
oFORM — Field generation for a form
Click Options... to display the Options for RTFORMIN dialog.
oGIF — Graphic Interchange Format
oIDF — Intelligent Document Format
oJPEG — JPEG photo format
oPCC — Lineprinter control codes
Click Options... to display the Options for RTPCCIN dialog.
oPCC,ROW — Lineprinter 'row number' format
Click Options... to display the Options for RTPCCIN,ROW dialog.
oPCL — HP Printer Control Language
oPCX — PC Paint format or DCX
oPDF — Portable Document Format
oPNG — Portable Network Graphic
oPS — PostScript
oPTRX — Printrex
oRS2 — RedTitan Scripting language
oRTF — Rich Text Format
oSTAR — Star POS printer format
oTIFF — Tag Image Format
oXIMG — Xerox IMG
oXL — HP PCL 6
oZJS — Zenographics format.
3.Click OK.
Click to expand/collapseINPUT options

Experts may configure EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE to apply specialist input options for reading files in some formats. In the Format panel:

Select the format (e.g. FORM) from the drop-down Input list then click the Options... button alongside.
oIf options are available for the chosen format, the Options... dialog for that format opens.
Enter the parameter string in the edit box.
Click OK to use this setup for the current task only or
Click Save to use and retain the setup.
oIf the chosen format does not support any input options, an 'Information' dialog displays the message "No options available".
Click OK.

'Options...' dialog

The Input format 'Options...' dialog contains an edit-box in which experts may enter a string parameter for modifying the configuration used for viewing files in the selected format. The name of the input module being configured is shown in the title-bar (e.g. "Options for RTFORMIN") and if options have been specified on the command-line they will be shown too.

Specifying an input option(s) parameter sets up a symbol in the [PCLVIEW] section of the RT.INI file and is equivalent to appending the parameter to the /INPUT command. A single option may be set up by simply typing it into the edit box: in PCC format, for example, entering ROW sets up the symbol RTPCCIN=ROW, equivalent to the command line option

To set up more than one option in the edit-box, use a space character to separate them. In FORM format, for example, enter
to set up the symbol RTFORMIN=CHECKBOX=145 MINFIELD=100.
This is equivalent to
on the command line (note that quotes are necessary here to include a "space" separator in the command).

FORM input module options


Apply the fields to all pages, not just the current page.


Maximum size of a check-box, measured in units of 1/600 inch.


Save the fields on exit from EscapeE.


Minimum size of a box to be recognized as a field, measured in 1/600 inch units.


Thickness of padding within the box containing the field, measured in units of 1/600 inch.

PCC input module option


To interpret the characters in the first three columns as decimal numbers rather than Printer Control Channel characters. The locations of the data-fields are given by the 3-digit line-number in columns 1,2,3 and, in column 4, the number of lines to skip before printing.