RedTitan EscapeE
Viewing files

This section describes in detail what you see in the EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE window, and how to change it.

EscapeE normally displays a pop-up menu of options on right-clicking the page, indicated by a tick alongside the 'Autopopup' option.  To turn this feature off for the duration of the session, click Autopopup.

Tip:  to close a pop-up menu, press the Esc key.

The EscapeE shortcut icon and how to open and size EscapeE; exiting EscapeE: see Running EscapeE.
EscapeE works with many different file-formats automatically so viewing a file is easy: see Opening and closing a file.
How EscapeE detects and recognizes the format of files for viewing: see File format recognition.
How to set up the input file format for non-standard files; setting up format-dependent /INPUT options: see Configuring the input format.
How to rotate the page on view: see Rotating the page.
Choosing how much of the page to show in the window: see Choosing the view of the page.
Zooming in and out and setting a precise scale of view: see Changing the scale of view.
Specifying the usable area of the page: see Setting the page extent.
Choosing how EscapeE should show an unprintable area: see Viewing the unprintable area.
How to enable/disable the display of tool hints: see Viewing 'Hints'.
How to find and show data fields and tags in the document: see Viewing data fields and tags.
How to display font tables and error messages, and view the properties of the fonts and text: see Viewing font information.
How to view the page details; lines, graphics, images, shading, overlays, macros and mouse coordinates: see Viewing page information.
How to customize the opening view and zoom options, shift the page contents, show or hide the unprintable area, change the units of measurement and suppress blank pages: see Configuring the view.
How to treat unwanted page elements and reduce the output file size: see Optimizing the configuration