RedTitan EscapeE
Convert pages to other formats

EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE is not only a "PCL to PDF" and "PDF to PCL" file converter. This section briefly describes all the formats which EscapeE can manage and gives an overview of the general features of file conversion. (For detailed export instructions, see Export files section.)

The format-by-format guide to the features of the formats in which EscapeE can export files: see Export formats
Matching the format to the task: see Choosing an export format
The general procedure for exporting files: see Exporting files manually
The set up and use of configuration options for export (source, driver, symbol set etc.): see Setting General export options
How to engage – and how to turn off – automatic file export; the 'clock' icon: see Exporting files automatically
How to set up automatic export options; renaming or deleting input files, naming output files; using 'drag and drop', 'shortcut' icons and LPR output: see Setting automatic export options.
How to set up which page(s) from a file to export: see Selecting page ranges
Generating unique output file names to avoid overwriting existing files: see Overwriting files
About Port names and numbers for TCP/IP input; Host names and IP addresses for LPR output: see Setting TCP/IP options
About options for treating text as graphics and combining strings to improve text-searching: see Text options.
For information on screen, printed and fax image issues, see: Image resolution
Description of compression options for exporting documents: Image compression
Options for converting colored images into 'black and white' or 'gray scale': Monochrome conversion
Smoothing options for scaling-down images to best effect
About the use of dot shading patterns and solid gray-scale in EscapeE: see Shading options
How to associate a file format with a program so that EscapeE can open files directly on export: see Associated programs
The use of 'wild-cards' when naming files: see Filenames and wildcards