Red diamond bullet Some of the fonts used were not fully recognized because they were not downloaded when the PCL file was created.

A font will not be recognized if it is a resident font not supplied with the standard EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE Product or if an incorrect selection sequence has been used. The Error messages page of the Console notebook will give extra information e.g.

Unknown font {esc}(9E{esc}(s0p18.91h10vs2b3T used weight 3 not 2 at byte 313

The first part of the message gives the complete PCL font selection sequence that was used to select the font and there may follow an explanation of the most important reason why no exactly matching font was found. In the example above, a weight of 2 (semi-bold) was requested but a bold font was the best that could be found. Almost all of the fonts in the standard set are of weight 0 or 3 so that requesting Courier (typeface 3 in the example) with weight 2 is an error.

EscapeE will substitute the most closely matching font and, in most cases, this will yield the same result as on the target printer. There is a fixed-pitch font set that can be downloaded if required, and there is a font pack containing some of the rarely used fonts that can be purchased for a modest sum – contact RedTitan ( for details.