The Errors page of the Information (i) button glyphConsole notebook documents any errors, font problems and warnings.

When a potential problem is detected, the Errors page is displayed and warning buttons are placed on the Tool bar. A red warning Red warning (!) triangle button glyph button indicates a problem such as a missing font or unknown PCL command;  an amber Amber warning (!) triangle button glyph button warns of a less serious error such as printing going beyond the page bounds.

Click a warning triangle button to display the Errors page of the Console notebook.

If the problem is one that you can ignore, uncheck the Show check-box to hide the Errors display for your current session. Clicking a warning button re-displays the Errors page.

Blue diamond bullet Tips

Open blue diamond bullet If you are Running EscapeE in a narrow window, pick up the side edge of the Tools panel and drag it down and across the Tool bar so that it fits below the Menu panel. This will ensure that the buttons will be kept in view.

Open blue diamond bullet When paging through a long document, move the Console notebook to the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Drag its borders to resize it to fit the unused space: the Console remains in view but does not obscure the view of the page.

The following topics give more detail on specific errors:

Printing beyond page bounds

Missing fonts

Ignored fonts or images

Poor text appearance

Unsupported download font format




Unsupported printer language

PDF output file not created

Unknown/Ignored command

See also

Handling fonts, Field problems, Optimizing the configuration, Problem reporting

Technical notes

Errors found on the RT.INI file are logged in the escapee.log: see EscapeE configuration symbols.

A # character in the numeric part of a PCL command is ignored but a warning is given.