The Errors page of the Information (i) button glyphConsole notebook documents any errors, font problems and warnings.

When a potential problem is detected, the Errors page is displayed and warning buttons are placed on the Tool-bar. A red warning Red warning (!) triangle button glyph button indicates a problem such as a missing font or unknown PCL command;  an amber Amber warning (!) triangle button glyph button warns of a less serious error such as printing going beyond the page bounds.

Click a warning triangle button to display the Errors page of the Console notebook.

If the problem is one that you can ignore, uncheck the Show check-box to hide the Errors display for your current session. Clicking a warning button re-displays the Errors page.

Blue diamond bullet Tips

Open blue diamond bullet If you are Running EscapeE in a narrow window, pick up the side edge of the Tools panel and drag it down and across the Tool-bar so that it fits below the Menu panel. This will ensure that the buttons will be kept in view.

Open blue diamond bullet When paging through a long document, move the Console notebook to the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Drag its borders to resize it to fit the unused space: the Console remains in view but does not obscure the view of the page.

The following topics give more detail on specific errors:

Printing beyond page bounds

Missing fonts

Ignored fonts or images

Poor text appearance

Unsupported download font format




Unsupported printer language

PDF output file not created

Unknown/Ignored command

See also

Handling fonts, Field problems, Optimizing the configuration, Problem reporting

Technical notes

Errors found on the RT.INI file are logged in the escapee.log: see EscapeE configuration symbols.

A # character in the numeric part of a PCL command is ignored but a warning is given.