Moving and sizing fields and tags

The exact size and position of a data field or tag may be redefined using the 'Field Definitions' dialog (see Editing fields and tags) but it is often more convenient to adjust the coordinates by eye using the mouse and keyboard.

To redefine coordinates

This is a quick and easy way of changing the size and position of existing fields and tags.

1.Place the mouse pointer over the sizing handle at the corner of the field or tag to be redefined; it will change to a double-headed arrow.
2.Hold the left mouse button down and drag the sizing-handle: the edge(s) of the field/tag will move to track the motion. When the corner looks to be in the right place, release the button to set the new coordinates.
3.Repeat with other corners as necessary.
Moving fields or tags

This method is good for making fine adjustments to the position of existing fields and tags.

1.Select Shownone from the Fields menu.
2.Select Fields|Edit... or
press Ctrl D keys to display the Definitions page of the Field dialog.
3.Select the field to be moved from the Fields list, then click OK. The Field Definitions dialog closes to show the document with the chosen field outlined in red.
4.Hold down the ctrl key and press the arrow keys to shift the field in the direction of the arrow. The field will move one pixel at a time – you may need to zoom in (press F4) to see the effect.